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Anonymous asked: What do you play in your band and can you sing? Also another question where are you going on your next travels?

I play guitar & sing in sinceyou. I will be sticking on the east coast for the next few weeks until I officially move to LA mid-september.

Anonymous asked: any festivals this summer that you'll be attending?

Not this summer technically, but I’ll be hanging and shooting around at Boston Calling the first week of September with some of my NZ mates. Come out and support!

Anonymous asked: Yo Evan what stages of cameras did you go up in like what did you start with and what are you currently using now DSLR by the way?

As far as DSLR’s go, I started with a Nikon D70, then a D700, D3, and now I have a D800.

Anonymous asked: You're work around people is brilliant, the shots are always intimate and seem to tell a complex/funny/bizarre story, almost as if you slipped out of the moment for a brief second to capture it and then returned to it. I enjoy shooting still natural scenes right now. When I go places to shoot with people the presence of my camera seems to leave my photos wanting of that authentic emotion I'm seeing from your photos. Any advice on getting over this speedbump?

How great would it be if we could just have invisibility cloaks available when shooting candid photos? Honestly, I get nervous about taking people out of that moment when I’m shooting them in the moment, but what I would recommend is just making your friends comfortable by forcing them to get used to your camera presence. If you have it all the time, they will inevitably get used to it and shake it off more and more.

Anonymous asked: I haven't been on your tumblr for a couple months now and I had the urge to go back and see what I have been missing. I can say that I am inspired once again and I am questioning why I stopped checking in the first place. You're amazing at what you do and I hope that one day I can reach your level. You are part of the reason why I decided to start photography and I thank you for that. Keep doing you man, take it easy.

Wow. Thank you. You are part of the reason I keep doing it.

Anonymous asked: hey man. just wanted to know your opinion on balancing a website / tumblr / instagram... how to you decide to post what where? is it worth the effort to build a following on tumblr or is a website and instagram good enough?

Honestly at this point I’m not sure how important a tumblr is, or at least worrying about building a following on it. I post most frequently on my instagram, but I also focus on editing down and making my actual website better.

Tumblr seems to have gotten over saturated and redundant. I would focus less on what goes where and more on building connections and producing work. If you make work you really believe in/know is good, it will be pay off with the proper amount of work, and the ‘following’ will come.

Anonymous asked: boston is my top city for colleges, going through the apps process right now, what school specifically did you go to? would love to hear how your experience was

I went to school at Emerson, majoring in advertising with a minor in photo. I had an awesome experience, and the friends/peers I’ve met thru those years helped push me to work hard and pursue my passions.

Depending on what you’re looking to study, I would recommend Emerson as an overall visual arts school. There’s also mass art, the New England school of photography, etc. But I personally wouldn’t recommend going to such a specific “art” school because you won’t get as well-rounded of an education or inspiration from your peers.

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lonesome surfer, biarittz, france
Anonymous asked: How did you take that smoke picture/was the smoke just from the sparkler? and any tips on camera setting? thanks dude! brilliant pic.

Smoke bomb!

last night w/ lela (motion)
last night w/ lela
Biarritz, France