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Evan Tetreault
boulder city
'hello my name is tom I am give years old.'
Anonymous asked: When did you start realizing you were getting a lot of attention for your photography? Keep doin' what you're doing too. You're the reason why I started shooting photos in the first place. I'm glad you're having a lot of success in photography.

Hey, I’m not too sure how to figure out when but I can’t believe I inspired you to start shooting. thank you, means more than you know.

Anonymous asked: we're you born a kiwi

i wish.

Anonymous asked: How do you pronounce your second name i was in a photography interview the other day and they asked me who my favourite photographer was and I said you but wasn't sure if I got your second name right?

it’s pronounced “tay-chro”. also thanks so much! I’d love to see the interview.

Anonymous asked: hey what are you favorite lenses for your D800?

nikon’s 85mm 1.4 // 35mm 1.4

Anonymous asked: Do you ever use point and shoot cameras if so which ones ?

contax T2 // yashica T4

Anonymous asked: Rather, what brought you up to boston


echo park
blue car